It’s Hangtime!

Because low season is the new season, haven’t you heard?

Disproving the low season myth. These are just a few of the low season benefits:

Empty beaches

Do you like the thought of having your own beach every day? This is almost guaranteed.


Waves all yours

Yes, the winds may have changed, however here around Weligama it can still blow offshore and with the added bonus of much less crowds. Plus the surf beach is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Super chilled

Even though season time is a chilled and relaxed at Hangtime, there is something special about being one of a handful of foreigners around low season that makes it even more chilled! Get to know our friendly staff, tuk tuk drivers and become immersed in the local culture.


And on top of that…

The same sunshine!!

Trust us, we live here. Yes it does rain from time to time, but the rain is gone in twenty minutes. And who doesn’t need a nice refreshing break?

So if you are reconsidering, check out the great packages we have to offer:

Special low season deals

Valid from 20th March till the end of October 2020