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Safari, Stilt Fishing, Snakes

Cycling Tour – Weligama

Let us take you on an unique cycling adventure exploring ancient archaeological sites, rural villages, cinnamon plantations and much more. You will experience rich culture and incredible scenery as you cycle through hidden areas of Weligama. Finish it all off by sipping coconut water and watching the sunset. Suitable for all ages.

Time: 3-6 pm, every Monday & Wednesday

Tour includes: 3 hour cycling adventure covering 15km

LKR 3000 per person, Sign up at reception

Safari – Uda Walawe National Park

Uda Walawe is a 308 square kilometer National Park close to Hambantota. About 700 Elephants call Uda Walawe their home and if you are lucky you will also see a leopard. The reservoir in the middle of the national park is inhabited by crocodiles and different types of water birds. The elephant transit home five kilometres west of the park entry takes care of elephant orphans ans is definitely worth a visit as well. As it is best to go in the early morning, we will start the trip very early in the morning. 

Time: 4.30 am – 1.30 pm approx.

Tour includes: Car ride to Uda Walawe, Guided Jeep tour, Local breakfast and tea & Car ride back to the hostel

Minimum group of 3. Ask our staff for prices. 

Snake farm

Snakes are fascinating animals and some of them you really don’t want to meet in the wild. Sri Lanka has many different snake species and that is why it is important for the people to learn about them.
The snake farm exist mainly to teach school kids about snakes and to create anti venom. The snake farm is definitely something you won’t forget that quickly as you will come pretty close to a variety of snakes and it makes a great Instagram.

Tour includes: Tuk Tuk ride to the farm, The Snake Reveal & Tuk Tuk ride back to the hostel

Minimum group of 3. Ask our staff for prices.