Our story

Hangtime is all about Surfing, Hanging, Smiling

Hangtime Hostel is the brain child of 3 passionate travellers, Niall, Nik and Maggi

In 2012 Niall and Maggi visited Sri Lanka for the first time. They were completely drawn in by the country’s smiley people and untouched beautiful landscapes. One thing that was missing, however, was the number of hostels in the country. There were an abundance of guesthouses but none had the atmosphere or social aspect needed to enhance the beauty of the country and experience it with others from around the world.

The next two years was spent developing ideas, researching, asking questions – and saving a bit of money.

In 2015, Niall and Maggi were joined by Nik and they all returned to Sri Lanka to fill this gap in the market and create Hangtime Hostel. With their design in mind, they all decided that Weligama was the right place to start the adventure. It had the perfect learn to surf beach, lots of travellers but – again – no hostel.

Over 9 months, the dream became a reality and they opened a hostel which incorporated surfing, yoga, good food and good vibes.

The building was the most difficult process. Trying to change a concrete structure into something more natural that fitted with the beach opposite as well as the tropical forest behind. A lot of local natural products were used in the fit out including bamboo for the shutters and curtains, coconut rope for the wrapping of the columns, cinnamon sticks for the front fence and rooftop cafe and palm leaves for the front facade, bathrooms and surfboard storage.

The Hangtime Team wants to make sure you know you are in Sri Lanka when you are in the rooms. Whether it’s sleeping in an old Sri Lankan fishing boat, your bunk bed being held to the ceiling by recycled fishing rope or the locally produced artwork showcasing the many scenes of Sri Lanka, you are constantly reminded of the beautiful and unique place that Sri Lanka is.

Integral to the hostel, the common areas give the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Everyone is here to enjoy Sri Lanka whether it be surfing, eating, exploring and/or yoga-ing. The suspended nets on each level and the rooftop cafe are the perfect places to chat about your adventures and get all the tips about the next place to go.

In the end Hangtime is all about Surfing, Hanging, Smiling.

If Hangtime Hostel can bring people together via surfing, allow you to hang with people from different places all around the world and leave people with a smile, then it’s all been worth while :)