All local & ecological products

Hangtime Shop is a collection of our favorite local island brands that share our love for this earth and ocean, meaning they are all eco friendly and made with love. Together with a local tailor we have made our own line of clothes perfect for the island lifestyle. Located on the hangout level our shop has everything from clothes, bikinis and beautiful jewellery to surfboards and a variety of ecological products. Come take a look and bring some cool and unique island products back home.

Our jewellery

Our jeweller is passionate about making beautiful, delicate and unique pieces┬áthat are inspired by the local culture and natural beauty of Sri Lanka. He runs this small family business from his home in Mahida on Sri Lanka’s beautiful south coast. He learned his craft from his father and has been perfecting his technique for many years. All of our jewellery is handmade using locally sourced stones and materials.

Who made your clothes?

Dhammika Ranasinghe has been a tailor for over 25 years. He started his business at home and worked hard to get the shop he has today. He now has five other people working for him and the shop is not big enough for all of them so he still uses his home to work from. He gets support from a beautiful family; a wife, two daughters and a son. Dhammika is still chasing his dream; to have a big shop with even bigger capacity. A big shop where he can make more of his favorite clothes: party shirts. His shop is right here in Weligama, which makes is easy for us to have a close partnership.


Olie Le Noel makes epic handmade surfboards inspired by different eras of surfing. He’s all about the quality and passion. He has worked for different well known shapers and shops and has been making surfboards for himself and his friends for 7 years, before he decided to shape boards for the public. We are proud to be the first company to buy his boards, and can’t wait to see where his story is heading.

We sell his keel fin fish board which is a classic design from the 60s. The fish has incredible speed and control, but with its size enables the board to turn easy in any pocket or under the lip. The twin fin set up helps keep you loose down the line letting you fly like a fish whilst also pushing a classic style. Perfect for the mellow Sri Lankan waves.